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CBD Vapor And The 510 Thread Battery Marijuana’s most famous absorptive molecule is THC. It’s the psychoactive ingredient. THC gets the most acclaim because it gives you that “high” feeling and high feelings can range from energetic and focused to dreamy and sleepy. It all depends on the strain of marijuana.

There are more than 400 other compounds found in cannabis. If we isolate the compounds specific to the cannabis plant then we are left with 60. These are the so-called cannabinoids. THC is the rock star of these compounds, but coming in a close second is CBD. So, what exactly is CBD?

The way CBD reacts with the human body is incredibly intricate. Discovering every nook and cranny of the pharmacology will take a lot more research. This requires money and the government is dead set on cutting off funding for marijuana studies. However, we do know the basics and the basics are extremely promising.

CBD Does Not Get You High

THC has the ability to give you energy, the giggles or glue you to the couch, but we know CBD is inert. Taken on its own, CBD does not give the user a euphoric high. This is why CBD has such broad medical implications. It’s not a recreational drug when taken on its own. It’s a medical drug. This allows the cannabinoid to jump through even the most stringent legal loopholes. After all, doctors prescribe opioids which are derived from the same source as heroin.

CBD Is Not Addictive

There’s one giant difference between CBD and opioids as medicine — CBD is not addictive. Unlike opioid medications, CBD does not have any power over the user nor does its use ever lead to complications. And there has never been an incident where someone has overdosed on psychoactive marijuana with CBD or on CBD extract.

CBD Can Be Taken From Hemp Or Marijuana To Make It Legal Everywhere

CBD can be extracted from the THC-laden marijuana plant or the non-THC hemp plant. Either way, a pure CBD extract will not get you high whatsoever. You can use the medicine and get on with your productive day without the distracting euphoria, munchies or grogginess. And, because cannabidoil can be cultivated from non-psychoactive hemp, CBD is legal just about everywhere.

How Does CBD Work

The chemical binds with receptors in endocannabinoid system. That’s right, your body is hardwired to absorb the 60 cannabis-only compounds known as cannabinoids. Research shows that CBD can stop epileptic seizures while temporarily relieving the symptoms of neurological disease like turrets, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s. It also reduces inflammation to the point where it can fight some cancers. And as an anti-inflammatory, CBD works wonders as a painkiller.

CBD And The 510 Thread Battery

CBD can be extracted into an oil. Some of these oils are topical, some are put into pill capsules and others are made for vaping. A CBD vape cartridge is made with a 510 thread-count screw top that pops right onto a battery. The battery heats a small filament in the cartridge to give you a dose of CBD.

Some batteries operate with a push button while others give a hit of vape when sucked. Either way, vaping CBD may give you the quickest and most effective dose of medicine. CBD in pill form and topical oil takes a while to kick in, but CBD delivered right to your blood via your lungs starts relieving symptoms in just a few minutes.

Vape pens are small, discreet and the vapor does not smell like smoke. In fact, you aren’t smoking any burnt carcinogens, so vaping may be healthier for you and your lungs.