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4 Less-Known Mistakes Vapers Make & How To Avoid Them

4 Common Mistakes Beginner Vapers Make

Switching to vaping can be intimidating for those who have been smoking for an extended period. The process of learning to use an e-cig and graduated to sub ohm vaping, from a beginner聮s kit can be confusing and overwhelming. While making some mistakes as you start is normal, repeating the error may lead to costly results. Here are few lesser-known mistakes beginner vapers usually make and ways to avoid them:

Mistake 1: Keeping Your Device Activated

This mistake may seem straightforward, yet many people toss their vape device in their pocket while it’s still on and go about their activities. Forgetting to deactivate your device not only destroys the battery life span but also risks unintended leakage. You could also accidentally power it up and cause more destruction. Ensuring you deactivate your vape before leaving it unattended, even if you intend to come back to it shortly, is the best way to prevent such accidents.

Mistake 2: Vaping Like a Smoker

As quick, hard puffs are synonymous with cigarette smokers, some beginner vapers might think this would be how to vape. However, this produces an insufficient amount of vapor, offering a poor user experience. The ideal method for achieving the best outcome is by taking long, gentle inhales, then blowing out the vapor. This guarantees a pleasant cloud of vapor and pleasure.

Mistake 3: Using Too Little Nicotine

While switching to vaping beginners tend to buy an e-juice mix with the wrong strength. Purchasing one聽that聮s too strong and vaping continuously can cause nausea and headaches. Acquiring a weak mixture, on the other hand, could leave vapers feeling unsatisfied, increasing the urge to switch back to regular cigarettes. As a general rule, heavy smokers should look for 18mg nicotine liquids while medium smokers should opt for 12mg,聽and lite smokers must buy 3mg liquids.

Mistake 4: Not Cleaning Your Tank Between E-Juice Flavors

It is quite tempting to fill your vape device with a new flavor while there’s some remaining, but mixing flavors may result in an unpleasant taste. Moreover, cleaning the coil on a regular basis before it requires a change prolongs its life-span, affecting the flavor of your e-juices positively.

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