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Apple Pear Watermelon by HMBL Salt 30ml

Apple Pear Watermelon by HMBL Salt 30ml – A Perfect Blend of Three Fruits

If you are looking for an e-liquid that combines three fruity flavors, then Apple Pear Watermelon by HMBL Salt 30ml is the perfect blend for you. This e-juice is made with salt nic and has a nicotine strength of 20mg. You’ll feel like you’re in heaven as the exotic and juicy flavor profile explodes in your mouth.

The Flavor Profile of Apple Pear Watermelon

The Apple Pear Watermelon by HMBL Salt 30ml is a refreshing vape juice that presents a fruity theme with a rich exhale experience. The inhale opens up with crisp apples that have been freshly picked off the tree; this is followed by succulent pear notes that perfectly complement the tartness of the apple flavor. The juicy watermelons ensure a final layer of lush sweetness, making it difficult for anyone to put their device down after taking one puff.

The Packaging

This intriguing e-liquid comes in a pre-filled 30ml bottle with a childproof cap. It’s easy to refill your device, thanks to the unicorn tip. The packaging of the product has been created with the customers’ satisfaction in mind, ensuring that they get a visually appealing appearance that doesn’t disappoint.

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If you’re looking for a way to tantalize your taste buds, Apple Pear Watermelon by HMBL Salt 30ml is perfect for you. This awesome e-liquid blends three popular fruits, providing users with a unique vaping experience that’s sure to leave them in awe. With the nicotine level and concise yet stunning packaging, this vape juice will not disappoint any vaper who is seeking for quality, variety, and creativity.

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