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Beat the Heat this Summer with the Trending Ejuice Flavors of 2019

Feel the Chill with Amazing E-Juice Flavors to Beat the Heat This Summer

Smoking cigarettes is associated with several harmful health effects, including lung cancer and other types of chronic diseases. As a result, vaping has emerged as an alternative for smoking due to reduced exposure to toxic chemicals. Furthermore, with e-juice, you enjoy a wide range of tantalizing flavors that transform your vaping experience into a thrilling adventure. Do you want to try out vaping? If so, explore these amazing e-juice flavors, the most commonly trending vape flavors of 2019, which will send shivers down your spine!

Blackberry Mojito Flavored E-Juice

If you’re looking for an ultimate refreshing minty experience this summer, Blackberry Mojito e-juice flavored with blackberry, mint, and a pinch of citrus lime is your ideal choice. The tangy citrus lime flavor, when mixed with mint, fuses to create a relaxing flavor that lets you forget the heat! So beat the heat this summer with this exceptional e-juice.

Product Price Comparison Table
Product Name Price Website
Blackberry Mojito Flavored E-Juice $17.99 Check the Price Here
Blood Orange Flavored E-Juice $14.99 Check the Price Here
Menthol Flavored E-Juice $21.99 Check the Price Here
Watermelon Flavored E-Juice $15.99 Check the Price Here

Blood Orange Flavored E-Juice

Blood oranges are rare fruits that grow in a few Mediterranean countries. They leave a lingering sensation of sweetness and tartness on your tongue. Would you like to take delight in the juicy flavors of blood oranges? Finding blood oranges is difficult, but there’s good news – you can try e-juice with a blood orange flavor instead. With this vape juice, you’ll taste the fruity flavors of berry and cherry that you love so much.

Menthol Flavored E-Juice

The icy cool sensation of menthol is perfect for beating the summer heat. Menthol flavor is a traditional yet timeless choice that suits summer days and nights. That’s why Blast, New Menthol by Aqua Tobacco is the best option. This e-juice features duo-layered flavoring that provides you with faster and more effective satisfaction. Sun-cured tobacco and cool, minty menthol hints make up this vape. On the inhale, you experience the smoky and nutty flavor of rich tobacco. And the smooth and nutty taste becomes intense as it floats across the palate and mentholated on exhale. Coat your taste buds with the icy minty flavor this summer with Blast!

Watermelon Flavored E-Juice

In summer, watermelons become a favorite fruit for everyone, regardless of where they live. Who doesn’t want a sweet, refreshing, and delicious watermelon-flavored ejuice for the summertime? VGOD Lush Ice Disposable Pod by VGOD STIG is the perfect solution for those wanting a mouth-watering watermelon flavor with splashes of mixed melon undertones and exhilarating menthol finish. The STIG offers effortless vaping experience and incredible value to last you throughout summer.


Beat the heat this summer with these incredibly-blended vape juices! At E Juice Store, the premier online vape shop, we offer a wide range of delightful e-juice flavors such as Smurf Sauce by Vape Heads, Blast, New Menthol by Aqua Tobacco, VGOD Lush Ice Disposable Pod by VGOD STIG, and many more to help make your summer enjoyable.

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