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Berry Au Lait (Strawberry Milk) by Keep It 100 100ml

Indulge in the Perfect Combination of Strawberry and Milk with Berry Au Lait by Keep It 100 100ml

If you’re searching for the ultimate combination of creamy and sweet flavors, Berry Au Lait by Keep It 100 100ml is definitely worth trying. This vape juice seamlessly blends two iconic flavors – strawberry and milk – perfectly replicating your favorite childhood drink in vape form. Some vapers even claim to have fond memories come flooding back after a single puff! Its addictive taste and velvety cloud production are two unbeatable aspects of this flavor.

Manufactured by Liquid Labs LLC, Keep it 100 takes pride in crafting e-liquids that offer incredible flavor profiles and high quality. Their devoted and passionate team allows them to create unique fusions like Berry Au Lait that cater to all types of vapers alike.

This product is available in nicotine levels of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg so that you can pick the option that best aligns with your preferences. Embrace clouds that are thick and homey thanks to its VG/PG ratio of 70/30.

The Perfect Balance Between Flavor and Vapor Production

There’s no denying that the combination of ripe strawberries and creamy milk is an unmatched one. Taking the essence of these two iconic flavors to craft something special proved to be a feat which Keep It 100 has executed well. With the first puff, you’ll feel as if you’re sipping on a glass of sweet and richly textured milk enriched with fresh strawberries. This is helped by the excellent mix of vanilla cream and sweet notes from the fresh berries. You won’t stop craving for more!

The vapor production of the Berry Au Lait is undeniable smooth and creamy which helps to replicate the experience of drinking cold strawberry milkshake. The richness of the flavor coupled with the thick, heavy clouds makes this e-juice great for both beginners and experienced vapers. Additionally, the fruity scent that accompanies every whiff will tempt anyone around you, making this flavor ideal for sharing with friends and family.

Affordable Pricing so No Vaper Misses Out

For vapers seeking value in their purchases, Berry Au Lait stands out not just for its amazing flavor but also for its affordability. Currently listed at only $10.95, you not only get an e-liquid of premium quality but also get to save big bucks when compared to other introductory offers.

Make sure you take advantage of the available nicotine strength options before adding to your cart which include 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg depending on how much nicotine you prefer in your e-liquid.

Berry Au Lait by Keep It 100 100ml Is a Must-Try Product

It’s clear to see why Berry Au Lait deserves to be at the top of any vaper’s list. Its mouth-watering flavor combined with dense clouds embodies everything a vaper looks for in an e-juice. Also, its affordable price point, choice of nicotine strengths, and manufacturing by a reputable brand make it absolutely irresistible. Don’t let its popularity and pricing surprise you – this flavor truly meets those unbeatable expectations! Try Berry Au Lait today and let us know in the reviews whether it exceeded your vaping desires or left you wanting more.

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