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Does E-Juice Expire? Know When To Replace Your Vape Juice

Does E-Juice Expire? Replace Your Vape Juice Before It Goes Bad

If you are a vaper, then it聮s probable that you have found yourself with more e-juice than you actually need at some point. However, before using up all that extra vape juice sitting in your cupboard, it’s essential to know what happens to e-liquid as it ages and whether or not it is still safe to use. The answer is that e-liquid, like any other consumable product, does have an expiry date. Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene glycol both make up e-juice, but the majority of changes in e-juice occur due to the oxidation of nicotine and deprivation of flavorings. Therefore, it’s better to replace your old vape juice with a new one after 1 to 2 years.

There are several things that can happen to e-juices as they age: separation, a change in color, taste & smell difference, thickness, and low Nicotine content. E-liquids are made up of different constituents that start to separate with time. Some separation is usual 聳 that聮s why your container says 聯shake well before use.聰 However, when your vape juice is too old, it may not come together regardless of how much its shaken. At that point, vaping the old e-juice would be a risk which you shouldn聮t take. Additionally, vape liquids will darken as they age, particularly liquids with nicotine in them. If an e-juice starts appearing much darker than it initially was or starts changing colors that are not brown or yellow, it聮s probably time to replace your old vape juice with a fresh one. Moreover, flavors deteriorate gradually, making them alter in taste, and making it hard for the vape juice to keep up with an excellent taste. If your e-liquid doesn’t taste as good as it used to, then it’s probably time to replace it. Finally, old e-liquid that becomes much thicker can be disastrous for your tank聮s coil; therefore, you should avoid vaping it.

It’s important to remember that expired e-liquid loses its effectiveness and won聮t satisfy your cravings for nicotine. If the quantity of nicotine in your vape juice has reduced over time, you聮ll likely feel like something is missing from your vaping experience because the strength isn’t there. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you replace your old vape juice with a new product to fully enjoy the vaping experience.

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