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Fantasy Liquids By VAPEGOONS – Island

Escape to Paradise with VAPEGOONS Island E-Liquid

Take a voyage to an exotic tropical island with VAPEGOONS Island, the latest addition to their Fantasy Liquids line. This e-liquid is a tantalizing blend of juicy oranges, savory passion fruit, and a touch of guava that will transport your taste buds to a sunny paradise.

The Taste of Paradise

Indulge yourself with the incomparable taste of paradise with every puff of Island e-liquid. Created with the perfect blend of tangy citrusy oranges, succulent passion fruit and luscious guava, Island is the ultimate tropical flavour explosion that you will never forget! The flavours found in the Island E-Liquid, especially the bold flavour of passion fruit, complement one another, creating a flavour unlike any other fruity vape juice available in the market.

A Juicy Escape

The taste of this island-inspired vape juice allows you to escape to a carefree paradise filled with beach bars and beautiful sunsets. Every hit of this Island e-liquid will leave you feeling more relaxed than the last. The tropical taste of Island brings the feel of a warm summer evening or a lazy day on the beach, wherever your mind takes you is up to you.

The Blend Behind Island

VAPEGOONS Island E-Liquid is made from premium quality ingredients to create an ultimately satisfying vape juice. The 70VG / 30PG blend of Island E-Liquid delivers the perfect balance of smooth throat hit and big vape cloud production. It聮s a perfect vape liquid for those looking for a combination of mouth-watering flavor and impressive vaping production.

Flavor Profile Vapor Production Throat Hit
Oranges, Passion Fruit, Guava Massive Cloud Production Smooth

Experience Island for Yourself

Island E-Liquid by VAPEGOONS is perfect for summer vaping, but it is an incredible e-liquid you can enjoy all year round. Whether you聮re lounging by the pool or curled up on the couch, this flavor is sure to take you on a trip to your own private paradise. Don’t deprive yourself of the privilege of trying VAPEGOONS Island vape juice and getting a taste of total relaxation. Get yours now and experience paradise in vapor form!

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