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Green Apple O’s by Kilo Candy Series 100ml

Taste the Crispy and Delicious Green Apple Candy with Kilo Candy Series!

Green apple candy is a mouth-watering and aromatic treat that evokes happy childhood memories. It boosts your energy levels with its zesty flavor and refreshes your mood anytime, anywhere. Kilo Candy Series has brought you an irresistible flavor called Green Apple O’s that you simply cannot resist.

Introducing Green Apple O’s by Kilo Candy Series 100ml bottle that promises a flavorful experience of crispy and tart green apple candy fused with sweet and intense flavors. The taste of green apples will burst in your mouth that will take your senses on an incredible journey of ecstasy.

Let’s dive into some of the amazing features of Green Apple O’s:

Bold Flavor: Green Apple O’s offer a bold and exciting flavor of fresh green apples that tantalizes your taste buds.

Extended Shelf Life: With a 100ml bottle capacity, the shelf life of this sweet delight is superior providing ample servings.

Nicotine Concentration: This delightful apple treat is now available without nicotine or with varying strengths of nicotine concentrations that cater to all vapers needs.

High VG Content: At 70% VG and 30% PG, you’ll experience tantalizingly dense clouds of vapor with every puff.

Impeccable Quality Control: Kilo Candy ensures the production of every flavor under strict quality control measures for consistent tastes.

Out of stock? No Worries!: Oh! We are presently out of stock on this product. But no need to worry. You can click on the link and sign up to get notified via email when it becomes available again.

Try Green Apple O’s by Kilo Candy Series today for a unique yet familiar flavor experience that you’ll surely cherish!

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