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Ice Berry Blow Doe by Humble Ice Juice Co. 120ml

Menthol Blueberry Raspyberry Bubblegum: A Review of Ice Berry Blow Doe by Humble Ice Juice Co. 120ml

Are you into vaping? If yes, then for sure, you’re on the lookout for a new e-juice flavor to give you an elevated experience. With all the e-juice flavors out there, it can be daunting to choose one that will satisfy your unique palate. But we have good news for you! Ice Berry Blow Doe by Humble Ice Juice Co. might just be the one you’re looking for!

A Breakdown of Ice Berry Blow Doe’s Flavor Profile

Firstly, the flavor profile of this juice is a blend of menthol, blueberries, raspberry, and bubblegum. Here’s what you get with each of these flavors:

Flavor Description
Menthol A cool, refreshing kick
Blueberries An intense burst of sweet berries with a tangy finish
Raspberry A subtle, fruity twist that complements the blueberries well
Bubblegum A nostalgic touch of sweetness

The combination of these four flavors creates a complex yet smooth taste that stimulates the senses. With every puff, you’ll taste a different note, making the vaping experience all the more enjoyable.

The Quality of Ice Berry Blow Doe’s Ingredients

Secondly, the quality of the ingredients used in this e-juice is unmistakable. The creators at Humble Ice Juice Co. have ensured that each bottle is made with top-notch, food-grade ingredients to ensure a premium vaping experience. Moreover, their manufacturing process adheres to strict safety standards to ensure that every bottle is free from harmful toxins and contaminants.

The Benefits of Menthol and Fruity Flavors

If you’re new to vaping, you might be wondering what makes this e-juice so special. Firstly, the menthol gives a refreshing sensation that perks up the senses. It’s perfect if you want a pick-me-up after work or just need something to help you feel invigorated. Secondly, the fruity flavors are packed with antioxidants that can help improve your overall health while also satisfying your craving for something sweet.

What Customers Say About Ice Berry Blow Doe by Humble Ice Juice Co.

Don’t just take our word for it! Here are some reviews from happy vapers:

Customer Review Rating
“This is my new favorite flavor! The mix of menthol and fruit is fantastic. Plus, the quality of the ingredients is evident 聳 no chemical aftertaste!” 5 stars
“I’m not usually a fan of menthol, but this e-juice converted me. It’s got a great balance between the menthol and the fruitiness 聳 not too overpowering.” 4 stars
“I’m obsessed with this flavor. I love the subtle hints of fruit with the cooling menthol. Highly recommend!” 4 stars


In conclusion, Ice Berry Blow Doe by Humble Ice Juice Co. is a must-try for any vaper who loves a combination of fruity and menthol flavors. With its high-quality ingredients and unique flavor profile, you’re sure to have a vaping experience like no other. Don’t miss out on this exciting e-juice flavor and grab yours now!

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