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Ice Donkey Kahn by Humble Ice Juice Co. 120ml

The Tempting Flavor of Ice Donkey Kahn by Humble Ice Juice Co. 120ml

If you want to quench your thirst for a delicious, chilly and fruity e-liquid, then look no further than the ultimate Ice Donkey Kahn by Humble Ice Juice Co.

This refreshing vape juice is a combination of three tantalizing flavors that will definitely satisfy your taste buds. It creates a unique blend of a luscious strawberry, a ripe banana, and a tropical dragonfruit mixed with menthol ice.

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This invigorating flavor can be purchased as a vigorous 120ml bottle perfect for long vaping sessions. However, due to its popularity, it quickly sells out, so make sure to get notified via email as soon as it becomes available again.

The Enchanting Taste of Frozen Fruit

Ice Donkey Kahn by Humble Ice Juice Co. delivers a thrilling combination of sweet fruits individually blended to create a unique taste that’s second to none. The distinct blend of frozen strawberries, tropical dragonfruit and ripe bananas, followed by a cooling sensation of menthol is something everyone must experience.

Moreover, the vape juice exhilarates your senses and keeps your throat from being irritated by the coolness of the menthol. You will enjoy smooth inhales and exhales that will flawlessly match the tart and sweet flavors of this dazzling e-liquid.

A Perfect Blend for Fruit and Menthol Lovers

The frozen blend of fruits combined with menthol creates an exceptional sensory experience like no other. The initial gentle kick of the fruity fragrance will entice your senses before leaving you with the instant zap of menthol ice on your palate.

The mix is perfect for fruit enthusiasts who desire a little icy twist in their vaping encounter. You’ll enjoy a creamy and rich scent until the menthol touches your tongue with its refreshing after-effect that lasts long in your mouth even after exhaling.


Ice Donkey Kahn by Humble Ice Juice Co. is easily everybody’s first choice when it comes to outstanding flavors, especially for people that are into fruit and menthol e-juices. This e-liquid is exceptionally invigorating, tasting like a fantastic blend of freshly-made fruits smoothly coated with menthol ice. One bottle of it isn’t enough since its unforgettable flavor will undoubtedly leave you wanting more!

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