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Ice Dragonfly by Humble Ice Juice Co. 120ml

Menthol Honeydew Watermelon Ice Dragonfly by Humble Ice Juice Co. 120ml

Are you searching for a flavor that excites your palate with a cool sensation? Try Menthol Honeydew Watermelon Ice Dragonfly by Humble Ice Juice Co. in a 120ml bottle. Let the mind-blowing combination of juicy honeydew watermelon and chilly menthol take your taste buds on a flavorful journey.

Product Information:

This vape juice offers a unique experience with a perfect balance of sweetness and minty freshness. The icy inhale refreshes every inch of your mouth, followed by a burst of delectable watermelon honeydew with a slight tanginess that lasts all day long. The vapors from this e-juice are delightful, thick clouds that waft around before melting into the air.

Menthol Honeydew Watermelon Ice Dragonfly is made with high-quality ingredients, including VG/PG base, natural and artificial extracts to create a vaping experience that matches no other. The nicotine levels vary from 0mg, 3mg and 6mg to provide you with just the right amount of punch according to your preference.

Tasting Notes:

Let’s explore the enticing flavors of this iconic vape juice:

Menthol: Experience the cool and refreshing exhale of smooth menthol that leaves an invigorating taste bud sensation on your palette.

Honeydew: The sweet and juicy melon flavor imparts a natural essence that lingers on your tongue long after the vapor has dissipated.

Watermelon: This fruit adds a touch of deliciousness enhancing the overall flavor profile with a subtle candy-like twist.


For menthol and fruit lovers alike, Menthol Honeydew Watermelon Ice Dragonfly should be your next e-juice choice. Sit back, relax, and savor the blast of tranquility that comes with every vaping moment. Buy a bottle today and immerse your senses in the enchanting journey of endless heavenly pleasure.

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