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Iced Chee by Air Factory Frost 100ml

Menthol Lychee Exotic Fruits – Enjoy the Iced Chee by Air Factory Frost 100ml

If you are looking for a refreshing and unique vaping experience, try the menthol lychee exotic fruit flavored e-juice called Iced Chee by Air Factory Frost. This vape juice comes in a 100ml bottle and has an icy blast of flavor that is perfect for a hot summer day or to chill out after a long day at work.

A Flavor That Will Keep You Coming Back For More

One of the best things about Iced Chee is its unique blend of flavors. This vape juice combines the sweet and tropical taste of lychee with the cool and minty flavor of menthol. It is like taking a trip to a tropical oasis and feeling the icy breeze on your face – all in one puff!

The overall taste of this delicious e-juice is not too overpowering, but has just the right amount of sweetness and coolness. The flavors are perfectly balanced, making it one of the most sought after vape juices.

Ease Of Use And Convenience

Iced Chee by Air Factory Frost comes in a 100ml bottle which makes it a highly convenient choice as it will keep you going for days without the need to constantly refill your tank. It is also very easy to use due to its simple design and can be used in most tanks and atomizers on the market.


This e-juice is an affordable yet high-quality option for those who want to experience the unique taste of lychee and menthol blended to perfection. You won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy the luxurious flavor of Iced Chee.

Final Thoughts

Iced Chee by Air Factory Frost offers the perfect balance between sweet and cool flavors. It is highly recommended for anyone who wants to try something new and refreshing in the world of vaping. The convenience, affordability, and unique taste make it a great addition to any vaper’s collection.

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