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Lychee Flavored E Juices – A Perfect Way to Begin the New Year on a Sweet Note

Begin Your New Year with a Sweet Note by Trying Out Lychee Flavored E Juices

Are you one of those people who loves the sweet and juicy taste of lychee fruit? Do you want to experience that in your vape too? If yes, then you are in luck. E Juice Store has brought you a vast selection of the most tantalizing and juicy lychee flavored e juices from top-notch manufacturers which will surely make your taste buds dance.

XCEL Sixty’s Lychee Iced – A Perfect Concoction of Lychee and Menthol

Lychee Iced by XCEL Sixty is a bold and heavenly concoction of matured and delightful lychee fruit along with the essence of cool and refreshing menthol flavor. This irresistible flavor expression was created by the same group that presented the legendary collections like Cosmic Fog. XCEL Sixty series takes you on a tour of Asian tropics and gets you mesmerized with its exotic lychee fruitiness. The freshness of menthol strikes a perfect balance between flavors and leaves behind an appetizing, enjoyable and refreshing aftertaste.

Lychee Berry – A Fusion of Lychee with Traditional Berries

Lychee Berry is another marvelous lychee flavored e juice that is created by XCEL Sixty. They have experimented with tropical flavors here and combined lychee with a melange of traditional berries giving birth to this unique tropical flavor that will leave you surprised. The sweetness and aroma of lychee fruit resonate from the very beginning, and then it merges flawlessly with the fruity hodgepodge resulting in an enticing masterpiece that will tickle your taste buds.

Skwezed’s Lychee – An Exotic and Bright Flavor

Looking for a relaxing feeling of complete contentment with the distinct freshness of tropical lychee flavor? Try Skwezed’s Lychee e juice. This bright and completely carefree exotic flavor offers an exhilarating yet calming vacation feeling. Skwezed E-Liquid’s Lychee is a favorite among those who enjoy the tropical essence of lychee.

Tropic King’s Lychee Luau – Entice Your Taste Buds with a Burst of Flavors

Lychee Luau by Tropic King is the perfect choice when you want to entice your taste buds with imposing lychee flavor joined by the succulent peaches and fresh pairs creating an explosion of bright and inviting flavors. This e juice will transport you straight to a tropical getaway having a party within your mouth!

Shijin Vapor Salt Nic’s Phoenix – The Perfect Pairing of Lychee and Guava

For vapers looking for a combination of luscious lychee fruit flavor and savory guava, try Phoenix by Shijin Vapor Salt Nic. This exotic blend provides a unique vaping experience with a distinguished flavor that will make you feel like you are indulging in the tropical fruits you love all year round.

Air Factory Salts’ Iced Chee – Refreshing and Invigorating Vape Juice for Warm Days

Iced Chee by Air Factory Salts is designed explicitly for warm summer days by pairing the sweetness of lychee with cool mint giving it a refreshing and invigorating effect. Experience a jubilee of sweet and exotic fruits with an icy blast of minty menthol on every inhale getting sweeter and more flavorful on exhale. It’s refreshing, delicious and makes you feel alive!

Lychee Dragon – A Packed Punch of Fresh Dragon Fruit and Luscious Lychee

Lychee Dragon by Finest Signature Edition is an exceptional and distinguishing flavor that packs a punch. The flavor of fresh dragon fruit combined with a splash of lychee’s luscious delightfulness will get you excited with every hit. The medley of smooth strawberry on the exhale leaves behind an unforgettable sensation that is truly one of a kind.


EJuice store carries a fantastic line-up of Lychee flavored e-juices from some of the most respected manufacturers. Start your New Year sweetness with these extraordinary flavors and treat your taste buds to a sensational vaping experience. Order now and give yourself the best taste experience you won’t soon forget!

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