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Melon Burst by Burst 60ml

Melon Burst by Burst 60ml: A Tasty Blend of Cantaloupe and Honeydew Melon

If you’re searching for an e-juice that offers a delectable taste, then you might want to try Melon Burst by Burst 60ml. This e-liquid features the refreshing flavor of Cantaloupe and Honeydew Melon, providing a satisfying vaping experience.

Taste Description

As soon as you inhale Melon Burst, its delicious blend of Cantaloupe and Honeydew Melon flavors hit your taste buds, creating a tasty explosion. The sweetness of the melons is just perfect, making this e-liquid ideal for vapers who enjoy dessert-inspired flavors. On the exhale, you’ll get a hint of menthol which provides a coolness that balances the sweet notes.

Bottle Design

The packaging of Burst e-liquids is unique and visually appealing. The bottle comes in a box with graphics that show images of honeydew and cantaloupe melons. It also includes information about the nicotine level, size, brand logo, and flavor name. Inside the box is the plastic unicorn bottle that holds 60ml of e-liquid. It’s easy to squeeze and has a narrow tip that enables mess-free refilling.

Nicotine Strength

Melon Burst e-juice by Burst comes in three different nicotine strengths; 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg per milliliter. You can choose depending on your preference and vaping needs. If you’re sensitive to nicotine, you can opt for the 0mg version, while those who prefer a stronger throat hit might select the 6mg/ml option.

Burst E-Liquid

Burst e-liquid is known for its top-quality ingredients that create exceptional vaping experiences. Every puff of Melon Burst feels like bursting with flavorful goodness, thanks to the quality of tobacco-free nicotine, PG, and VG used. Their e-liquids pass through rigorous testing and have been certified safe for consumption. At the same time, the flavors are delightful and can offer excellent clouds.

Pros Cons
Tasty melon blend flavor Limited nicotine options
Cooling effect from menthol exhale Out of stock
Quality ingredients that ensure safe vaping


If you’re a fan of melon flavored e-liquids, then Melon Burst by Burst 60ml is worth trying. Its refreshing blend of cantaloupe and honeydew melon creates an incredibly delightful vaping experience, leaving behind a cool menthol sensation. It’s also essential to note that Burst uses high-quality ingredients making their e-liquid an excellent choice for the average vaper, and you can’t go wrong with this one!

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