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&Milk eLiquid – Loops &Milk

The Perfect Breakfast Vape: Loops &Milk

Cereal enthusiasts worldwide can now rejoice because a new vaping flavor has emerged that is bound to satiate their cravings. Quirky vaping company &Milk eLiquid is convinced that any flavor that has milk as an addition is worth vaping. Now with their new Loops &Milk, nature has finally run its course to deliver a delightful flavor that tastes like a complete breakfast.

A Flavor that Stands Out

Loops &Milk is a breakfast e-juice variation from the popular company &Milk eLiquid. This vaping juice is a combination of milky cream and fruit loops cereal. The cereal takes the center stage, and the cream complements the fruity loops, which gives it a unique and smooth take on the American classic breakfast cereal.

With every puff, you get the pure and exhilarating taste of fruity loops cereal that fills your taste buds with a symphony of flavors with hints of creamy milk that creates a texture that is both velvety and smooth. The exhilarating milky clouds are so thick, and you will experience fantastic flavor that gives you a new sensation to vaping.

The Flavor Profile

Loops &Milk pack in a lot of flavorings that make it a unique vaping blend on the market. Its flavor profile consists of Fruit cereal and Cream, which makes up the 75% VG and 25% PG ratio to give you the signature milky clouds. Each puff you take is a sensory experience, with a dominant taste of fruit cereal mixed with sugary and smooth milk.

Flavor Profile Percentage
Fruit Cereal 50%
Cream 25%
Milk 25%


Loops &Milk offers a refreshing take on the classic breakfast cereal. It is an unbeatable combination of smooth cream and fruity loops cereal. The balance of flavors is perfect, and it offers vapers a unique vaping sensation that will linger in their taste buds. It is the perfect vape to get your day started while enjoying the taste of the American breakfast classic cereal.

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