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Naked 100 Candy By Schwartz – Yummy Gum

Discover the Deliciously Gummy Yummy Gum E-Liquid Flavor!

Indulge in the heavenly taste of the Yummy Gum E-Liquid that is both scrumptious and chewy! This flavor is a favorite among vapers who enjoy the nostalgia of Bubblicious gum. The Yummy Gum e-juice is a delectable combination of luscious strawberry taste with the sweet, satisfying bubble gum essence, leaving your taste buds in awe with its uniqueness.

Bursting with Flavor

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our Yummy Gum E-Liquid that’s bursting with flavor! Our master brewers have meticulously created this e-juice to produce the ultimate tasty experience. This vape juice consists of a delicious blend of strawberry that’s not too overwhelming, combined with the perfect bubble gum undertones that leave your mouth watering with every puff.

Chewy and Blissful

With every inhale of Yummy Gum, taste the heavenly blend of sweet strawberry and gum. The thick cloud of smoke that you exhale has an everlasting aroma that tastes like the real thing! The e-liquid is flawless for those who love a quick, chewy, and blissful feeling that reminds you of your childhood.

Unique and Addictive

The Yummy Gum E-Liquid is a unique and addictive flavor that vapers keep coming back to! The harmony of strawberry and bubble gum flavors produces a one-of-a-kind vape juice that’s both delicious and satisfying. Our e-juice is produced to the highest standards and is bound to become a favorite vape flavor.

Get Your Yummy Gum E-Juice Today!

Indulge in the mouthwatering and satisfying flavors of the Yummy Gum E-juice today! Our premium quality e-liquid is perfect for anyone who enjoys a uniquely delicious experience. Get your hands on our most loved flavor and be amazed at the unforgettable taste of Yummy Gum!

E-Liquid Feature Description
Flavor Profile Delectable combination of sweet strawberry and delicious bubble gum flavor
Nicotine Strengths 0mg, 3mg, 6mg
Bottle Sizes 60ml, 100ml
Quality Premium

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