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Nasty Juice – Cush Man eLiquid

Indulge in the Luscious Flavor of Cush Man

Cush Man will tantalize your taste buds with its intoxicatingly sweet and fruity flavor. One whiff of this delectable e-juice, and you will be transported to a tropical paradise. The intense mango flavor is blended with natural citrus notes to give it a tangy twist that will leave you craving for more. The sweetness that follows is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without overwhelming your senses.

The Overpowering Yet Delicious Flavor of Cush Man

The flavor profile of Cush Man is unique and unforgettable. The combination of mango, citrus, and sweetness is unlike anything you have ever tasted before. It is intense and overpowering, but in the best possible way. The vibrant fruity notes are the first thing you will notice when you take a hit. The burst of citrus that follows will leave a tangy sensation in your mouth. The sweetness of the flavor is perfectly balanced, making it a perfect e-juice for all-day vaping.

Experience the Pure Bliss of Cush Man’s Flavor

Cush Man’s flavor is not just delicious; it is pure bliss. The delectable combination of mango, citrus, and sweetness will take your taste buds on a journey that you will never forget. It is the perfect e-juice for anyone who loves fruity and sweet flavors. So, indulge in the pure bliss of Cush Man and experience the tantalizing flavor that will leave you craving for more.

Features Details
Flavor Profile Mango, citrus, sweetness
Nicotine Level 0mg, 3mg, 6mg
Bottle Size 60ml
VG/PG Ratio 70/30

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