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One Last Drop eJuice – Ivory

Discover the Taste of Hawaii with our Coconut Thai Blend

Indulge in a tropical paradise of flavors with our Coconut Thai blend. Our unique blend will take you on a culinary journey to the beautiful island of Hawaii.

A Blend of Coconut and Thai

Our Coconut Thai blend combines the sweet taste of coconut with the exotic flavors of Thai cuisine. The combination of these two flavors creates a sensational taste that arouses your taste buds.

Notes of Cream that Resemble Ice Cream

Our Coconut Thai blend also features subtle notes of cream that deliver a taste reminiscent of ice cream. The creaminess of the blend creates a smooth texture in the mouth that leaves you feeling satisfied.

The Coconut Flavor Stands Out

The dominant flavor in our Coconut Thai blend is the tantalizing taste of coconut. The coconut flavor stands out and brings a tropical sensation to your taste buds. Once you taste it, the coconut flavor lingers on your tongue, giving you a delightful experience.

Lingering Notes of Thai Flavor

As the coconut flavor dissipates, the lingering notes of the Thai flavors emerge on your taste buds. The blend of herbs and spices used in the Thai cuisine creates an aromatic sensation that will leave you wanting more.

Experience the captivating taste of Hawaii with our Coconut Thai blend.

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