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Online Vape Juice Buying Guide For The Beginners

Online Vape Juice Buying Guide For Beginners: How to Choose the Best E-Liquid

Since China introduced electronic cigarettes in 2003, vaping has increasingly become popular worldwide as a safer substitute for conventional cigarette smoking. Vaping is a practice that utilizes an electronic device to vaporize a flavoured liquid. Nowadays, these devices come in different shapes and sizes but still contain three main components – a lithium battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge that store the vape juice. With an aim to guide new vapers on how to buy the best e-liquids, this article presents tips on choosing the right flavour and nicotine strength.

Choose the Best Flavour

When it comes to vape liquid flavours, there are numerous options to choose from such as mint, tobacco, and menthol. Given that experimenting with different flavours leads to a good vaping experience, it’s recommendable to keep changing the flavour regularly, ideally to avoid experiencing ‘vaper’s tongue.’ This phrase refers to getting accustomed to a single flavour to an extent that tasting it is inevitable.

At, we offer a wide range of flavours and vape juice varieties like Pancake Man Reload Vape Juice, Blueberry Papaya Strawberry by Noms X2, Caliberry by Berryfornia, among many others that you can try.

Determine the Right Nicotine Strength

Determining the right nicotine strength can be challenging, especially for new vapers. The device used for vaping impacts the potency selection. If you’re using a sub-ohm device, it’s advisable not to go beyond a nicotine strength of 6mg. Six milligrams of nicotine generally translate to six milligrams of nicotine per millilitre in your e-juice. However, the optimal nicotine strength is based on personal preference, so we’ll provide you with an average analysis.

On a scale of zero to 20 mg, depending on how much you smoke and the type of device you own, this chart helps pick the best-suited nicotine potency. For heavy smokers, 18 to 20 milligrams is an excellent amount to get started with. Conversely, if you’re a light smoker, 1-4mg should suffice.

Table: Nicotine Strength Levels for E-Juice

| Nicotine Strength | Description | Suggested Device Type |
| Zero | No nicotine | Starter kit |
| 3mg | Extra low nicotine | Advanced kit |
| 6mg | Low nicotine | Sub-ohm kit |
| 12mg | Medium nicotine | All device types |
| 18mg | High nicotine | Pod systems |
| 20mg | Very high nicotine | Salt Nic kits |

In conclusion, choosing the best e-liquid for your ideal vaping experience entails selecting the correct flavor and nicotine strength. By following our guide, you聮ll enjoy experimenting with various flavours and find the ideal nicotine strength that works for you. Don’t hesitate to try our vast selection of vape juices at and enjoy a safe and satisfying vaping experience.

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