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Pineapple Lush by Twisted Treats 100ml

Indulge Yourself with Pineapple Vanilla Milk by Twisted Treats

Do you crave for a unique and satisfying vaping experience? Look no further than Pineapple Lush by Twisted Treats- a deliciously rich and creamy pineapple vanilla milk e-juice. Perfect as an all-day vape or an after-dinner treat, this flavor is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.

Experience the Amazing Rich Flavors of Pineapple Vanilla Milk

Pineapple Lush is a unique twist on classic flavors that will surprise and delight you. The tropical sweetness of juicy pineapples blends seamlessly with the silky smoothness of creamy vanilla milk. This 100 ml e-juice delivers a perfect balance of creaminess and tartness in every vape, making it a refreshing choice for any time of day.

A High-Quality E-Juice with a Balanced VG/PG Ratio

Twisted Treats’ Pineapple Lush boasts an ideal 70VG/30PG ratio that guarantees thick and fragrant vapor clouds without compromising on flavor. Each inhale tantalizes your senses with sweet and fruity notes while delivering a smooth and satisfying experience. Made from high-quality ingredients, this premium e-juice is perfect for any vaper who likes to explore new and exciting flavors.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

At Twisted Treats, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and exceptional customer service. If you love creamy, fruity vaping experiences, Pineapple Lush is a must-have. Unfortunately, this popular flavor is currently out of stock. However, you can sign up to receive email notifications when it becomes available again.

Don’t miss this chance to savor the unique flavors of Pineapple Vanilla Milk by Twisted Treats. Buy yours today!

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