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Pink Lemonade by Zonk! 100ml

Indulge in the Delightful Fusion of Pink Lemonade and Bubble Gum with Zonk’s E-Juice

Looking for a vaping flavor that can satisfy your sweet tooth while providing a refreshing sensation? Pink Lemonade by Zonk is a go-to option. With its unique blend of freshly squeezed pink lemonade and classic bubblegum, this e-juice flavor promises to take your vaping experience to new heights.

The Flavor Explosion

One important aspect of vaping is undoubtedly the flavor. Pink Lemonade by Zonk is a perfect choice for those who enjoy citrusy e-liquids with a twist of sweetness. The mix of pink lemonade and bubble gum creates a unique harmony of flavors that delivers both a tangy and sugary taste. The taste buds are ignited with an explosion of flavors that will leave you mouth-watering.

The Manufacturer

Juice Man USA produces Zonk’s e-juice line, one of the top names in the vaping industry. Juice Man USA painstakingly blends their flavors to perfection, ensuring high-quality vape juice at affordable prices. This brand is also known for its diverse range of exciting vaping flavors that cater to different preferences.

Nicotine Level and VG/PG Ratio

Pink Lemonade by Zonk is available in nicotine levels of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg to suit different nicotine tolerance levels. The VG/PG ratio of 70/30 provides a balanced mixture of vapor production and flavor intensity. With its high VG content, expect a smooth throat hit.

A Multi-Purpose Flavor Experience

Zonk’s Pink Lemonade e-juice is suitable for use in different vaping devices. This flavor is formulated specifically for sub-ohm tanks and mods, giving you the best cloud chasing experience possible. It also works well with most pod systems or other low-wattage devices.

Note that Pink Lemonade by Zonk contains nicotine and poses several health risks associated with its use. Ensure you consult a medical professional before using this or any other vaping product if you have underlying medical conditions or are pregnant.

Order now and indulge yourself in a delightful fusion of pink lemonade and bubble gum from Zonk’s fantastic e-juice lineup. It’s time to take a break and relax with Pink Lemonade by Zonk. Add to cart now!

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