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RAD! E-Liquid – Righteous Root Beer

The Visceral Refreshment of RAD! E-Liquid聮s Root Beer Float Flavor

As the heat of summer beats down mercilessly, few things are as consistently welcome and refreshing as a root beer float. The folks over at RAD! E-Liquid are well aware of this and have aptly crafted a flavor of eJuice that accurately mimics those invigorating sensations. Hot summer days, consider yourselves warned: RAD! is here to satisfy.

The Sensations of RAD!聮s Root Beer Float Flavored eJuice

RAD!聮s Root Beer Float eJuice flavor is an accurately captured representation of the timeless beverage it is inspired by. With an inhale of this eJuice, the root beer flavor quite convincingly dominates the sensations, while a smooth and pleasantly gentle vanilla ice cream undertone arrives on the exhale. There is no mistaking these classic flavors and the experience they provide.

The Quality of RAD!聮s Root Beer Float Flavored eJuice

One of the biggest selling points with RAD! is that they are as equally committed to quality as they are to flavor. Their top-quality ingredients ensure that this root beer float eJuice offers not only a delicious experience, but also one that is free of frustrating irritants like burning sensations or unpleasant and artificial aftertastes.

Table for RAD! E-Liquid’s Root Beer Float Flavored eJuice Ingredients

Propylene glycol USP Kosher
Vegetable Glycerin USP Kosher
Nicotine Freebase
Artificial Flavors
Distilled Water

Is RAD!聮s Root Beer Float Flavored eJuice Worth It?

The answer is a resounding 聭yes聮. This flavor is perfect for those hot summer days where the sun seems like it聮ll never back down. Alongside that, RAD!聮s commitment to both quality and flavor just goes further to seal the deal. Anyone seeking the refreshing and revitalizing experience of a root beer float on a scorching hot summer afternoon will find everything they hope for from RAD!聮s Root Beer Float flavored eJuice.

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