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Top Strawberry E-Juice Flavors to Try Today

Strawberry is undoubtedly among the most popular e-juice flavors in the vape industry. With its naturally sweet and delectable taste, it’s no wonder why vapers enamored with fruit-flavored e-juices favor strawberry blends. In this article, we聮ll examine some of the best strawberry e-juice flavors on the market, including their unique flavor profiles and what makes them stand out.

Strawberry Pom by Naked 100 Menthol E-Liquid

Naked 100 has continually churned out top-quality products in the e-juice industry, one of its notable flavors being Strawberry Pom. This incredible product doesn’t only have a strong strawberry flavor; it also features a hint of pomegranate tartness and kiwi sweetness. The menthol touch at every exhale adds a refreshing sensation without overpowering the fruity taste of the e-juice.

OG Blue by Keep It 100 E-Juice

Keep It 100 has mastered the art of blending strawberry and blue raspberry in a single e-juice. OG Blue provides a smooth, sweet flavor with a fruity aftertaste. The combination of both flavors gives vapers an exquisite taste that will keep them coming back for more.

Strawberry Watermelon by Candy King E-Juice

Candy King is famous for providing vapers with exceptional e-juice flavors, and Strawberry Watermelon is no exception. The bubblegum-inspired e-juice mix of watermelon and strawberry is quite popular in the vaping industry. You’re sure to enjoy the perfect concoction of sweet watermelon flavor and the pure taste of fresh strawberries.

Strawberry by Naked 100 Cream E-Liquid

Strawberry by Naked 100 Cream E-Liquid is a unique flavor blend that will leave you satisfied after every puff. It features fresh strawberries and a creamy base that is sure to delight anyone’s palate. This e-juice packs an out-of-the-world flavor that vapers are bound to crave.

Strawberry Killer Kustard by Vapetasia E-Juice

Vapetasia has created an e-juice strawberry flavor blend that vapers everywhere can’t get enough of. Strawberry Killer Kustard offers a perfect mix of sweet strawberries and custard notes that combine to create a fabulous tasting experience. It’s easy to fall in love with its packaging, which complements the taste explosion of the e-juice.


If you’re looking to explore new and exciting vape juice flavors or just searching for something different from your usual go-to flavor, then there’s no better option than trying these top strawberry e-juice flavors. The world of vaping is vast and exciting, so visit today to checkout more amazing e-juice flavors.

Table: Top Five Strawberry Flavored E-Juice Products

E-Juice Brand E-Juice Flavor Description
Naked 100 Menthol Strawberry Pom Tart pomegranate, sweet kiwi and cool menthol blended to make an amazing strawberry flavored e-juice
Keep It 100 OG Blue A perfect mix of blue raspberries and strawberries, resulting in a fruity and satisfying e-juice flavor.
Candy King eJuice Strawberry Watermelon A refreshing take on watermelon bubblegum that perfectly pairs with sweet strawberries resulting in an instant hit.
Naked 100 Cream E-Liquid Strawberry Cream A freshly picked strawberry flavored e-juice infused with velvety cream.
Vapetasia eJuice Strawberry Killer Kustard An intense strawberry custard flavored vape juice that聮s perfect for custard fans who crave berry goodness.

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