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What Are The Best Tips And Tricks To Vape Safely

Discover the Best Tips and Tricks to Vape Safely

If you are worried about the safety of vaping, throwing your vape juice & mods away is not your only option. There are a few tips that you can follow in order to vape safely.

Use Temperature Controlled Mods

One way you can reduce potential vaping risks is by making use of temperature controlled mods. This technology restricts the maximum temperature that the coil can reach, meaning you can prevent it from reaching high temperatures such as during a dry puff. When the coil’s temperature reaches your selected limit, the device automatically stops firing or reduces its power until the temperature comes down. This entails you could make use of temperature controlled mods to find the ideal vaping temperature while staying safe.

Avoid Diacetyl & Acetyl Propionyl

Diacetyl is a chemical used in food flavoring and has been known to cause popcorn lung, which is damage to the bronchioles in the lungs. Although the risk that diacetyl contains is still being questioned, it is best to avoid consuming too much diacetyl through vaping. As recommended, steer clear of this harmful ingredient to keep your lungs healthy.

Avoid Dry-Burning Your Coils

Dry burning is when you press 聯fire聰 without inserting a wick into the coil and without any vape juice. Some vapers do this technique to find an even temperature allocation. Nonetheless, this practice can increase the temperature, affecting the metal structure, coupled with the possibility of dangerous effects brought by some vape juices. Therefore, it is better to avoid dry-burning your coils.

Maintain Hydration Level

Whether you are a heavy vaper or not, keeping hydrated is crucial. Vaping removes some of the moisture from your body, leaving you dehydrated if you don聮t replace it. To avoid dehydration, make sure you drink enough water throughout the day.

Buy From Reputed Vendors

To avoid low-quality mods, ensure you purchase your mod from a reputable vendor as they will have many built-in safety features on their devices. Though it might seem tempting to go for cheaper options online or unlisted products, purchasing your next model from a trusted company makes more sense especially where your safety is concerned.

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