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What Does the Percentage of Nicotine Mean in my E-Liquid?

Understanding the Percentage of Nicotine in Your E-Liquid: Everything You Need to Know

If you are a vape enthusiast, then you have been exposed to the various terminologies and numbers that accompany e-liquid bottles. For instance, you might have seen an e-liquid bottle labeled 6mg (0.6%), 12mg (1.2%), 18mg (1.8%), or 24mg (2.4%). These numbers represent the concentration or strength of nicotine in the liquid. Basically, the higher the number on the label, the stronger the nicotine concentration in milligrams per milliliter of liquid (mg/ml).

What’s the Meaning of the Numbers on Your E-Liquid Label?

To understand the percentage of nicotine in your e-juice, it is essential to grasp what each number means in relation to standard cigarettes. The following is a simple description of each nicotine level with respect to popular cigarette brands:

Nicotine Strength Cigarette Brand Comparison Description
0mg/ml No cigarette brand comparison Ideal for weekend shisha smokers, who enjoy social vaping.
3mg/ml or 6mg/ml Belmont Mild, Matinee, or Du Maurier Extra Light Low/light concentration option, suitable for social smokers who indulge over weekends.
12mg/ml Du Maurier, Player’s, or Belmont Medium-strength concentrate ideal for current smokers who prefer light to medium cigarettes.
18mg/ml Marlboro or Camel Recommended for individuals who smoke between 1-1.5 packs of medium to strong cigarettes daily
24mg/ml Player’s Special Highly-potent concentration recommended for heavy and chain smokers who consume more than two packs of tobacco cigarettes every day.

Essentially, the nicotine concentration in your e-liquid determines how much you would require to satisfy your cravings. Selecting the right nicotine strength can be daunting, but as a general rule of thumb, we recommend starting with the lowest concentration and gradually working your way up until you get the desired throat hit and flavor. We also advise against adding nicotine to your e-liquid if you are not a regular smoker as nicotine is an addictive substance.

Which Nicotine Level is Right for Me?

Different nicotine strengths suit different types of smokers. If you’re new to vaping, it is advisable to begin by testing the various nicotine strengths at the tasting station. From there, you can gauge which one works best for you based on the following criteria:

  • If you occasionally smoke shisha, we recommend trying out 0mg/ml of nicotine option because it delivers no nicotine while still allowing you to experience the sensation of smoking.
  • If you’re an ultra-light smoker who consumes up to half a pack of cigarettes daily, then consider a low distribution of nicotine 聳 3mg/ml or 6mg/ml.
  • If you’re a light smoker who smokes less than a pack of cigarettes per day, we suggest going for 12mg/ml because it’s classified as a medium or mild level e-liquid.
  • If you’re a heavy smoker who consumes between 1-1.5 packs of cigarettes in a day, then 18mg/ml is ideal for your nicotine craving, especially when you desire a robust throat hit.
  • Heavy smokers consuming more than two packs of cigarettes per day should opt for the most potent concentration available, 24mg/ml.

Factors That Affect the Strength of Your E-Liquid

Several factors determine what type of nicotine strength your body can handle, including:

  • The type of device you use 聳 generally, devices that allow for a direct-to-lung vapor draw, such as shisha, deliver lower levels of nicotine. Conversely, mouth-to-lung devices used for administering a cigarette-like draw require higher amounts of nicotine to compensate for the lack of airflow.
  • The vaping power you use 聳 the amount of vapor being produced can affect the nicotine delivery efficiency, meaning that high-powered devices tend to deliver more nicotine per puff compared to lower-powered alternatives.
  • The frequency of your puffs 聳 How regularly you inhale the vapors from your electronic cigarette can influence the rate at which nicotine gets introduced into your system. Taking frequent, shorter puffs ensures a smoother nicotine delivery than taking infrequent, deep lung pulls.

Signs of Nicotine Overdose

At times, vapers may experience nicotine overdose symptoms, especially when first trying out e-juice with a high concentration of nicotine. Symptoms such as dizziness, increased heart palpitations, nausea, and headaches are usually indicators of overdose.

If you experience any unexplained reactions, discontinue the use of all nicotine products, seek fresh air, and seek emergency medical attention if signs persist. Remember always to take your nicotine consumption slowly and in intervals; don聮t puff continuously. When adjusting your wattage, always lower the temperature first before taking a long inhale to protect yourself from unnecessary harm. Lastly, keep your devices, coils clean, and stay hydrated as you vape.

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