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When Should I Replace My Sub-Ohm Tank For A Better Vaping Experience

How to Improve Your Vaping Experience by Replacing Your Sub-Ohm Tank

If you聮ve been using the same sub-ohm vape tank for more than two or three years, it might be time to think about replacing it with a new one. Over time, vape tanks tend to perform poorly, which can seriously hinder your overall vaping experience. But, the good news is that sub-ohm tanks are not costly to replace. Here are some signs that indicate when to replace your old sub-ohm tank with a new one.

You No Longer Get Those Massive Clouds

One sign that your vape tank is ready for replacement is if it no longer delivers the same dense cloud production as before. Several connections let the coil act together with both the battery and e-juice, and when those connections begin to wear out, your coil won’t be able to deliver its highest ability. This means that your vapor creation level will start reducing, and you will no longer be able to enjoy those massive clouds that you used to get earlier.

The Flavour Is Not as Strong

The coil in your vape tank plays a significant role in making your e-liquid flavorful. If the vape coil can聮t perform its job correctly due to the bad condition of your vape tank, the flavor of your e-juice won聮t be satisfying enough. Your e-juice may taste weak or produce a burnt flavor, regardless of which e-liquid you buy. If you’re not getting the desired taste, it聮s time to consider purchasing a new sub-ohm tank.

Leaky Vape Tank

A leak that cannot be repaired is a sure-fire indication that it’s time to look for a new tank. A leak can be caused by either a defective O-ring or a glass that appears tired where the lid screws into the glass piece. Needless to say, a leakage is a big hassle as it wastes a lot of your vape liquid.

Darkening E-Liquid

If the e-juice inside the tank appears dark in color just one hour after refilling, then it’s likely time to replace the whole unit. This happens when coil overheat the juice inside the tank. Besides your vape liquid looking darker, it might make an awkward gurgling sound when you pull on the mouthpiece.

As you see, there聮re so many things that can go wrong with your sub-ohm tank when it’s no longer in good working condition. If you want to thoroughly enjoy your vaping session, it is essential that you know when to look for a tank replacement. Fortunately, this guide can help you in a big way.

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Table: Signs That Indicate When to Replace Your Old Vape Tank with a New One

Signs Action
You no longer get those massive clouds Replace the vape tank with a new one.
The flavour is not as strong as it used to be Consider purchasing a new sub-ohm tank for better flavour.
Your vape tank leaks uncontrollably Acknowledge that it’s time to look for a new tank to avoid liquid wastage.
Your e-liquid appears darker within an hour of refilling your vape tank It is high time to replace the entire unit to enjoy fresh e-liquid flavours.

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