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Why get Naked, when you can get Nude?

Why settle for Naked when you can indulge in Nude? Our e-juice review covers four top-selling flavors from the Nude Premium E-Juice line. Each of their large-sized 120ml Chubby Gorilla Bottles are priced at just $11.99, a huge steal for such a volume of vape juice with 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strengths available. Before going into the details about these flavors, we would like to give thanks to Town Vapor for their creation of this magnificent mix used for this review. We will be providing you with our own honest opinions regarding these flavors and whether or not we suggest them. Do keep in mind that taste is subjective, what we enjoy may not suit your liking or vise versa. First things first, allow us to share with you the specific mods and atomizers used to test each flavor before we proceed with our full Nude E-juice Review.

Table 1: Test Equipment Used

E-juice Vape Mod Tank/Atomizer Wattage / Temperature (in Celsius)
Nude S.C.P. EJuice Smoant Ranker Hugsvape Magician Mesh RDA 45W — 65W
Nude P.O.M. EJuice Smoant Cylon Digiflavor Drop RDA 50W — 70W
Nude A.P.K. EJuice iJoy Shogun UNIV Hugsvape Lotus RTA 55W — 75W
Nude G.A.S. EJuice Eleaf iStick Mix Vaporesso SKRR-S Tank 60W — 80W / 4 Watts (temp)

Nude SCP E-Juice

Nude’s SCP E-juice combines strawberry, coconut, and pineapple tropical goodness all together in one tart and tangy vape flavor. This blend is reminiscent of a sunny day lounging on a beach, drinking a tall glass of refreshing pineapple delight while soaking up rays and enjoying the serenity of the environment. The inhale brings forth fresh pineapple flavor, followed by a mixture of fresh strawberries fused with coconut cream for an extraordinary exhale experience. All three distinct flavors come together in perfect harmony, making it an exceptional fruit flavor that accurately matches its description.

This well-balanced fruity flavor is composed of tang and tart notes that complement and never overpower each other, delivering an ideal day-long vape experience. The most notable fruit flavor is the pineapple, not overly intense but just right. On both the inhale and exhale, there is a sensation of creaminess with the coconut afternotes felt at the end of the exhale that leaves a lasting impression. At Ejuice Store, we couldn’t get enough of it, easily rendering SCP an all-day vape treat.

Smooth throat hit, no irritation or discomfort noted, and highly recommended for any fruit flavor vaping enthusiast or to anyone who is searching for an excellent summertime vape experience that is comparable to the renowned Naked 100 Lava Flow.

Nude POM E-Juice

Get ready to welcome another fantastic fruit flavor combination from Nude called P.O.M. This outstanding blend of pineapple, orange and mango creates a sweet and tangy explosion in every puff! The inhale brings forth a delightful mixture of pineapple and mango, with pineapple being more dominant than mango, while the exhale offers a perfect balance of the three fruit flavors added in Orange to provide a unique flavor profile. The overall experience is an enjoyable, slightly tangy fruity melody that is very difficult to put down once you start vaping.

Nude has executed the fusion of these three different flavors magnificently, resulting in a balanced vape that highlights the freshness and authenticity of the fruits’ flavors. Each fruit note stands out distinctly with no overpowering sensation from any of the three; only a slight tinge of tangy notes to elevate the whole vaping experience. The freshness of the fruits in this composition is noticeable from the first flavor, which guarantees the utmost satisfaction with each puff. Once again, another all-day option, especially if you were looking for an irresistible fruit flavor that isn’t overpowering – perfect for Naked 100’s Hawaiian POG enthusiasts.

Nude APK E-Juice

Attention to fruit fanatics, here comes another impressive fruit blend from the Nude lineup, the A.P.K. The combination of apple, pear, and kiwi delivers an incredibly flavorful and juicy e-juice that keeps your palate salivating for more! The authentic and fresh taste of apple explodes upon inhaling with kiwi makes it way through, and pear rounds off the deliciousness while exhaling.

While the apple flavor is the dominant taste throughout the entire vaping session, the kiwi and pear notes nicely blended to perfection, the pear being slightly subdued. That being said, these three fruits’ combination results in bringing forth such a sweet, crispy, and refreshing vaping experience that leaves you craving for more.

The throat hit on this e-liquid incredibly smooth with no stinging or scorching sensations, making it perfect for a long vaping session. Anyone who is a big fan of fresh apple fruit vapes should try A.P.K. over Naked 100 Green Blast, and they wouldn’t regret buying it.

Nude GAS E-Juice

Last but not least, Nude G.A.S. blends guava, apple, and strawberry creating a mouthwatering fruity brew that’s worth a try only based on its name. Guava lovers, rejoice, for you’ll get to experience your favorite exotic fruit flavor combined with apple and light strawberry dash, creating a swirl of authentic fruit flavors.

Upon vaping, you will encounter the fresh taste of guava and apple, with the guava note edging the apple a little bit, offering a perfectly balanced combo, with just a hint of strawberry notes at the tail end of the exhale. Freshness and authenticity of the fruit is always key with Nude flavors, and as usual, G.A.S. does not fail to bring out the magical flavor trio in every puff.

If you’re looking for a fruity combination that’s out of the realm of traditional fruit flavors and still maintains great taste, then Nude G.A.S. is the one for you. The flavor is not too heavy nor too light, with an extremely smooth throat hit, making it an ideal candidate for fruit flavor enthusiasts.

All in all, Nude has impressively brought forth an outstanding line-up of e-liquids, proving to be affordable, well-executed, delicious, and delightful. With Nude e-juices, why choose ‘Naked’ when you can go ‘Nude.’

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