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14 mm Marble Handle Borodirect Male Bowl

Experience Great Rips with Borodirect Male Bowl Slide

Looking for a backup or replacement bowl slide for your bong? Look no further than the 14mm borodirect male bowl slide! Crafted from thick glass, this slide is durable and can withstand accidental drops or heavy setting. It fits a 14mm glass downstem with a female joint, making it compatible with many bongs.

One of the best features of this bowl slide is its wide trench, perfect for easy packing and clearing of ash during longer sessions or for more massive rips. The wide mouth of the bowl also allows for more extensive packing, and the insertion of a screen or filter if desired.

Cleaning the borodirect male bowl slide is easy because it is clear, which means that you can see any buildup and address it quickly. The slide’s thick glass also lends a nice weight to it, making it less likely to break or chip if accidentally bumped or knocked against an ashtray or other hard surface.

The borodirect male bowl slide also features a fantastic large marble handle. The handle’s size allows for easy pulling and holding, reducing the risk of burnt fingers while adding a decorative feel when sitting at the end of the stem. Additionally, this bowl slide’s glass joint provides an airtight seal between the bowl and downstem, allowing for smoother pulls and clearing, resulting in an incredible rip.

In summary, the borodirect male bowl slide is an excellent accessory for any bong enthusiast. Its wide trench, glass joint, large marble handle, and ease of cleaning make it a must-have for anyone seeking a great rip. Get yours today and experience the difference!

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