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amg glass 11 clear glass beaker with rasta accents

A Classic Rasta Look: The 11 Inch Clear Glass Beaker with Rasta Accents by AMG Glass

The 11 Inch Clear Glass Beaker with Rasta Accents by AMG Glass is more than just a bong with classic colors of black, green, yellow, and red. It is a masterpiece that offers a smoking experience like no other. Standing at 11″ tall, this piece features a 14mm female joint that works with 45 degree accessories, configured at a 45-degree angle. You’ll appreciate the producers’ use of scientific borosilicate glass, which resists cracks and is easy to clean, ensuring that you can enjoy countless sessions without fear of breaking or scratch.

A sturdy and comprehensive design

This bong has a beaker shape that is not only visually stunning, but also makes it sturdy on most surfaces. The downstem is removable, allowing for unrestricted airflow during use, resulting in smooth, flavorful smoke from your favorite herb, with every hit. The downstem’s filtration system features holes that filter smoke as you use the bong, the filtered smoke improves flavor, and it’s easier to breathe in compared to dry pipes. You’ll also love the pinched ice catcher, which allows you to choose between adding snow or ice cubes to help quick chill your smoke, taking it to the next level.

An Airtight Seal for an unmatched experience

The flared mouthpiece on this bong ensures an airtight seal that enhances your overall smoking experience. You’ll find that it is a great option whether you enjoy smoking alone or enjoy a group smoking session. The size of the bong is also convenient, making it ideal to bring wherever you go. You’ll appreciate that the design requires minimal cleaning, and the Rasta accents will always pop on the clear glass background, making it a great piece for display.

See below for the table outlining the features of the 11 Inch Clear Glass Beaker with Rasta Accents by AMG Glass!

Features of The 11 Inch Clear Glass Beaker with Rasta Accents by AMG Glass
Height 11 inches
Joint 14mm female joint
Angle 45-degree angle
Compatibility 45-degree accessories
Material scientific borosilicate glass
Sturdiness beaker shape making it sturdy on different surfaces
Filtration removable downstem with holes for efficient filtration
Chill Feature pinched ice catcher where you can add snow or ice cubes to chill smoke
Mouthpiece flared mouthpiece providing an airtight seal
Convenience easy to carry and use solo or for a group smoking session
Design Rasta accents that always stand out on its clear glass background

If you’re someone who appreciates uniqueness, then the 11 Inch Clear Glass Beaker with Rasta Accents is one to have. It is an excellent investment that will provide you with a fantastic smoking experience, all while giving you pleasant icy hits, whether you are a beginner or an experienced smoker.

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