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amg glass 18 lv pattern water pipe

The 18 Inch LV Pattern Water Pipe: A Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

The 18 Inch LV Pattern Water Pipe by AMG Glass is the perfect combination of style and functionality. With a height of 18 inches and a base of 5.5 inches, this piece is designed to provide you with an excellent smoking experience. The pipe comes with a 45 degree 14mm female joint and an 18mm to 14mm fo-pro diffused removable down stem, which adds to its efficiency. The use of high-quality borosilicate glass ensures that this pipe is durable, long-lasting, and shatter-resistant.

An Eye-Catching Design

This LV Pattern Water Pipe features a unique and eye-catching sandblasted LV pattern available in the colors of white, black, green, teal, blue, or pink. This pipe sits atop a wide round base, making it secure on any surface. Its straight vertical design delivers big hits and is easy to clean, while the removable downstem allows for easy smoke travel from one chamber to the next, delivering quick and flavorful hits.

Perfect for Daily Use

This bong is perfect for smokers who like to display their pipe collection, thanks to the attractive sandblasted design that provides a high-quality look. It’s sure to be a conversation starter when displayed on your coffee table. The tube design is also super easy to clean, making this piece fantastic for everyday use. Additionally, this piece includes an ice catcher upon which you can place ice or snow, which cools the smoke and provides a smoother hit that is easier on your lungs.

Take a Look at the Table Below for a Quick Overview:

Size Joints Design Color Material Ice Catcher
18 inches 45 degree 14mm female joint and an 18mm to 14mm fo-pro diffused removable down stem White, Black, Green, Teal, Blue, Pink Borosilicate Glass Yes

The LV Pattern Water Pipe is a fantastic way to elevate your style and smoking experience. This stunning piece guarantees durability and efficiency, and you can choose from several colors to match your personality. Pick one up today and see the difference – you won’t be disappointed!

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