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borodirect 2mm 2 in 1 quartz banger nail

Experience the Frustration-Free Set Up of your Dab Rig with Borodirect聮s 2mm 2-in-1 Quartz Banger Nail

Finding compatible pieces to fit seamlessly into one great dab rig can be a real nightmare. Even with the industry’s two standard joint sizes, which are the 14mm and 18mm joints, there is still no guarantee that your components will be a perfect match. This is where Borodirect’s 2mm 2-in-1 Quartz Banger Nail comes in, offering a truly universal solution to your compatibility worries.

The 2mm 2-in-1 Quartz Banger Nail from Borodirect is the ideal size for anyone who has struggled to find compatible components for their dab rig. Because it is specially tapered to include both ground glass joints for 14mm and 18mm sizes, it works perfectly with both male and female varieties. Thus, the frustrating limitations that come with incompatible pieces are now a thing of the past.

This universal banger nail is the best fit for your dab rig due to its curved neck design that helps keep heat away from vulnerable components made of fragile glass. The quartz used to create this piece offers much more stability when heated. Therefore, it is best to keep it away from the rest of the glass when adding heat.

Additionally, like most domeless nails, you can use a carb cap with this one to reduce any loss of vapor to the atmosphere before reaching the joint. The cleaning process is straightforward 聴 torch the quartz area until it gets extremely hot, so everything with the gunk on it burns off. Meanwhile, the rest of the glass can be cleaned quickly by using elbow grease, warm water and soap, thus making maintenance of the rig as easy as using it.

Discover the ease and frustration-free setup of your dab rig with Borodirect’s 2mm 2-in-1 Quartz Banger Nail, your ultimate solution to compatibility worries!

Table 1: Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Universal 14mm and 18mm joint compatibility Eliminates the need for specialized joint sizes or adapters
Both female and male options Offers more versatile fitting options for a wider range of glass pieces
Curved neck design Keeps heat away from vulnerable parts of the rig made of pure glass
Domeless nail with carb cap option Reduces any loss of vapor before it reaches the joint
Quartz material Provides stability when heated, resulting in longer-lasting dab rig components

Table 2: Cleaning Instructions

Method Steps
Torch cleaning
  1. Detach the 2-in-1 Quartz Banger Nail from your glass piece
  2. Use an adjustable torch to heat up the bucket area where your concentrate was placed
  3. Once hot, use tweezers to scrape off residue while swabbing the excess with a Q-tip
  4. Rinse with warm water and wipe with a clean towel
Soap and warm water cleaning
  1. Detach the banger nail from the glass piece
  2. Using a ziplock bag, soak the nail in a cleaning solution of water mixed with isopropyl alcohol or any alcohol solution of your choice
  3. Rinse in warm water and scrub with a brush or Q-tip to remove gunk
  4. Repeat until your banger is spotless

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