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borodirect 2mm quartz holy grail banger nail

Discover the Ultimate Dabbing Experience with Borodirect’s 2mm Quartz Holy Grail Banger Nail

Are you tired of settling for subpar dab nails that crack and chip under intense heat? It’s time to end your search for the perfect nail with Borodirect’s 2mm Quartz Holy Grail Banger Nail. Crafted from premium quartz, this nail guarantees high durability, withstanding extreme temperatures without succumbing to damage to provide you with a hassle-free dabbing experience.

This versatile piece boasts a unique design that ensures minimal damage to your dab rig from the torch while heating the nail. It also comes with a small slit that enhances airflow for smoother and enjoyable hits, leaving you with a satisfying dabbing experience.

The product’s name takes inspiration from its innovative design, which includes a small slit in the dish enhancing airflow to deliver smooth hits. The creators took one hit of this domeless quartz masterpiece and declared it as the Holy Grail of dabbing. It is not just a name, but an experience of unparalleled quality, now available to you.

The wide dish can accommodate large amounts of concentrate material. You won’t have to worry about precise measurement, making this nail an ideal choice for beginners and experts alike.

To cater to different dab rigs, the Borodirect’s 2mm Quartz Holy Grail Banger Nail comes with male and female joints in both 14mm and 18mm sizes, making it compatible with any glass-on-glass rig.

Indulging in high-quality dabbing has never been more accessible. This nail is easy to clean and maintain, offering durability, convenience, and high-quality dabbing. Experience a new high in dabbing with Borodirect’s 2mm Quartz Holy Grail Banger Nail today.

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