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borodirect 4 z shape 10mm female to 10mm female joint dropdown adapter

Create the Ultimate Smoking and Vaping Rig with a Z-Shaped Dropdown Adapter

If you’re looking to create the ultimate smoking or vaping rig, then standardized glass components are the way to go. With these components, you can create a single piece that encompasses every aspect of the process. However, to achieve this, you may require intermediary pieces that act as adapters to connect different sections of your rig together. One such adapter is the Z-shaped Dropdown Adapter. Measuring in at 4 inches long and featuring 10mm female joints on each end, this adapter is perfect for connecting your main piece with a bowl of the same gender while keeping it away from the rest of the rig.

The Dropdown Adapter’s unique design allows you to connect pieces that would otherwise be unconnectable. Its dropdown style also removes the site of heating from the other components of your rig, which is particularly beneficial for those who use their rigs for concentrates. By removing the heat source from the rig, you can protect the glass pieces from any high heat that could potentially cause damage.

This piece is manufactured from thick glass and uses ground joints for the ultimate seal. Ground joints seal together using friction, and when assembled correctly, they provide an airtight seal between the glass components. This adapter can easily be cleaned with soap and hot water, and soaking it makes any remaining residue easy to remove.

With its functional design, the Z-shaped Dropdown Adapter is an essential component for your collection regardless of whether you’re a vaping or smoking enthusiast. Its versatility allows you to mix and match different pieces, which can create a unique and personalized experience.

Whether you’re using concentrates, dry herbs, or tobacco, this adapter will elevate your experience by providing an efficient and reliable seal between your glass components. So, why not invest in the Z-shaped Dropdown Adapter today and take your smoking and vaping rig to the next level?

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