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Borodirect 9" Straight Tube Water Pipe

Looking to experience a smooth, yet powerful hit of your favorite dry herb? Seek no further, for the Borodirect 9″ Straight Tube Water Pipe provides you with the perfect balance of affordability, style, and quality you’ve been looking for.

Crafted from thick scientific glass, this DankStop branded straight tube water pipe is designed to last, even with daily use. Staying true to the traditional water pipe design, this nine-inch tall masterpiece offers a classic appeal that is unrivaled. Thanks to its removable downstem, cleaning and use are super convenient. More so, its mouthpiece is slightly flared for the ultimate comfort. Worried about the ice getting in the way? You should not. The piece even features a three-pinch ice catcher to add your favorite cubes, for a frostier, smoother hit.

Get the perfect smoking experience without breaking the bank. Go for this everyday-use water pipe, and experience the remarkable power and performance offered by this wonder pipe from Borodirect.

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