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borodirect ball style quartz carb cap

Maximize Your Vaping Experience with the Ball Style Quartz Carb Cap from Borodirect

Vaping enthusiasts that use domeless nails know that they are an amazing way to protect your rig and enable vaporization of larger sections of wax in one draw. However, this style of vaping rig also has its own drawbacks. One significant issue is that domeless nails can release vapor to the surrounding air before it can be inhaled through your rig. This loss of vapor can be significant and can reduce the quality of your vaping experience. Fortunately, there is a solution. The Ball Style Quartz Carb Cap from Borodirect enables you to prevent the loss of any vapor, resulting in a much more satisfying vaping experience.

The key advantage of the Ball Style Quartz Carb Cap is that it creates a seal with the rim of the dish, preventing any escape of vapor. Its ball shape makes it universally compatible with any size dish, but it works best with dishes with a diameter of around 30mm. The cap has a vapor path that allows for full control of airflow as you draw, making it easy to customize your vaping experience to suit your preferences.

This carb cap not only prevents vapor loss but also optimizes your dabbing experience. With this tool, you can heat the dish to a lower temperature since no vapor will escape. This not only conserves your heat source and concentrate material but also reduces the risk of any breakage in your rig. You’ll also notice a significant difference in the quality of your vapor. The Ball Style Quartz Carb Cap enhances your vapor flavor and helps to create thicker hits.

Overall, the Ball Style Quartz Carb Cap from Borodirect is the perfect tool for anyone that loves vaping with a domeless nail. Get ready to take your vaping experience to the next level with this high-quality carb cap.

Comparison of Domeless Nails and Ball Style Quartz Carb Cap

If you’re considering whether to go for a domeless nail or the Ball Style Quartz Carb Cap, here’s a simple comparison:

Domeless Nail Ball Style Quartz Carb Cap
Vaporization Area Limited Wide
Vapor Loss Possible Prevented
Airflow Control Limited Full
Suitability May not fit all rigs and dishes Compatible with most rigs and dishes
Heat Efficiency High Optimized


While domeless nails are an excellent solution for protecting your rig and vaporizing larger sections of wax, they come with the drawback of potential vapor loss. The Ball Style Quartz Carb Cap from Borodirect provides a solution to this problem by preventing any escape of vapor, resulting in a more enjoyable vaping experience. With its ball shape, vapor path, and compatibility with different dishes, this carb cap is an excellent tool for anyone who loves vaping with domeless nails.

Improve Your Vaping Experience with the Ball Style Quartz Carb Cap!

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