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borodirect clear baby bottle dab rig

Upgrade your collection with the unique and individualistic qualities of the Clear Baby Bottle Dab Rig from Borodirect. Don’t let its baby bottle appearance fool you; it stands 7 inches tall and boasts a solid reinforced base and premium thick glass construction. The 14mm male joint comes with a choice of a 14mm female bowl or dome and nail setup, allowing compatibility with both dry herbs and concentrates.

Designed with maximum filtration in mind, the downstem is fixed within the body with a diffused end. Two faberge egg style nodes separated by a dual Swiss percolator give it its baby bottle appearance, complete with a mouthpiece that looks like a baby bottle nipple. The use of polished Dewar’s joints ensures a glass-on-glass seal, while the entirety of the piece is made from crystal clear glass worked to perfect clarity. Cleaning is a breeze with a degreasing element and hot water.

Don’t miss out on this themed glass piece that is both functional and captivating. Add the Clear Baby Bottle Dab Rig to your collection today and amaze your guests with its stunning design and exceptional performance.

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