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borodirect crystal ball to pillar perc sidecar bong

Experience the Ultimate Smoking Pleasure with Crystal Ball to Pillar Perc Sidecar Bong

Looking for a bong that offers a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience every time? Look no further than the Crystal Ball to Pillar Perc Sidecar Bong! Standing tall at 10 inches, this amazing rig features a 14mm female joint that allows you to use any bowl or a dome and nail. But that’s not all! The rig also comes packed with other features that guarantee a pleasurable smoking experience.

Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, this piece boasts a Dewar聮s joint, which supports the stem and gives it a sturdy feel. This joint also minimizes the amount of stress placed on the glass when it聮s moved around. Plus, the wide round base of the bong makes it sturdy on a range of surfaces.

The bong’s unique design incorporates a crystal ball perc and a pillar perc, both of which play important roles in delivering a smooth hit. Smoke travels from the bowl down the stem and into the first percolator chamber, where it encounters a crystal ball perc. The orb-shaped perc features slits that filter smoke and water for a cleaner taste.

From there, the smoke makes its way through the four arms of the pillar perc before exiting the top of the chamber. The perc removes impurities like ash, giving you an incredibly smooth and flavorful hit.

The flared mouthpiece of the sidecar bong not only creates an airtight seal but also provides maximum comfort during use. What聮s more, the rig is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that you can use it frequently without worrying about resin build-up.

This bong is perfect for solo sessions, as well as when you have friends over. Its interesting design and incredible functionality are sure to impress every smoker that comes across it. You won’t have to worry about harsh hits, and you’ll enjoy maximum comfort during smoking sessions.

Investing in the Crystal Ball to Pillar Perc Sidecar Bong is a no-brainer for any smoking enthusiast looking for an exceptional smoking experience. Try it today and take your smoking game to the next level!

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