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Borodirect Frog Themed Water Pipe

The Borodirect Frog-Themed Water Pipe: Adding Color and Playfulness to Your Smoking Experience

Looking for a water pipe that not only provides a great smoking experience but also adds an element of fun to it? Look no further than the Borodirect frog-themed water pipe! This handcrafted glass pipe features a colorful design that showcases the playful side of your personality.

The pipe stands on a flat base, with a flared mouthpiece and an inhaler at the top. The unique design features two frog heads, one larger than the other. One of the frog heads is positioned over a ventilation hole that allows you to control the amount of smoke you inhale. Both frog heads feature white eyes with black centers, but the design for each head is slightly different. At the center of the pipe, you’ll find a picture of yet another adorable frog!

But don’t let the playful design fool you. This pipe is made from thicker glass and is reinforced with a joint that offers durability and strength. It also features a female joint with a male glass bowl that offers plenty of space for you to pack your favorite herb or tobacco.

Experience the Pleasure of Water Filtration

What sets the Borodirect frog-themed water pipe apart from other glass pipes is the use of water filtration. By using water, the pipe can circulate the smoke that you inhale from the herb and the heat source, providing an even more satisfying smoking experience. Not only does the water filtration provide a smoother hit, but it also cools the smoke, offering a more pleasurable experience. You can enjoy your smoking experience for longer periods of time without any harshness on your throat or lungs.

Furthermore, the inhaler features a flared mouthpiece that provides maximum comfort when inhaling smoke. With water filtration, thick glass construction, and a reinforced joint, this water pipe is made to last and provide you with a smooth smoking experience every time.


If you’re interested in purchasing the Borodirect frog-themed water pipe, here are some specifications to keep in mind:

Height 5 Inches
Base Diameter 3 Inches
Joint Gender Female
Bowl Gender Male
Material Handcrafted Glass


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a water pipe that provides both functionality and personality, the Borodirect frog-themed water pipe is the perfect choice. With its innovative design, water filtration system, and comfortable flared mouthpiece, this pipe is made to offer you the best smoking experience. So why settle for a boring glass pipe when you can have the Borodirect frog-themed water pipe? Get yours today and experience the pleasure of smoking with style!

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