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borodirect hammerhead recycler

The Hammerhead Recycler: A Durable and Powerful Smoking Experience

Looking for a smoking piece that can deliver intense hits without sacrificing quality and durability? Look no further than the Hammerhead Recycler. This bong is not just any ordinary pipe as it was engineered to be tough and long-lasting. Made from borosilicate glass, this pipe can handle the roughest use and remain unaffected.

The Hammerhead Recycler boasts a height of 7.5 inches and a 14mm female joint that can fit either a bowl or a dome and nail. The female joint is secured to the bong’s body with a Dewar’s joint, increasing its stability. Moreover, this piece uniquely designed to create massive hits and enhance your smoking experience.

The main chamber of the Hammerhead Recycler features dual recyclers that filter out contaminants, while smoke and water pass repeatedly through them. Smoke is also cycled through a three-hole inline percolator, ensuring that it is free of ash and resin. This results in smoother and tastier hits that every smoking enthusiast will love.

The overall design of the main chamber also allows you to build up substantial smoke, without worrying about inhaling any water or herb pieces, thanks to the bent neck. The air-tight seal that the flared mouthpiece creates, additionally adds to the user’s convenience.

A Unique and Convenient Accessory

Looking for a smoking accessory that’s as visually stunning as it is convenient? Look no further than the Hammerhead Recycler. This piece is unique in its design, which makes it a show-stopping accessory to display. Its compact size makes it easy to transport and perfect for social gatherings. And despite its small size, this pipe can deliver enormous rips that even the most discerning smokers won’t be able to resist.

The Hammerhead Recycler is an excellent choice for a durable and powerful smoking experience. ORDEREDLIST

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