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borodirect incycler bong w honeycomb perc

Experience a thrilling and unique smoking event with the Incycler Bong with Honeycomb Perc 聳 a cutting-edge, 10.5-inch pipe boasting a strong 14mm female joint connected to the bong’s body through a Dewar聮s joint. The versatile pipe allows the use of both a bowl or a dome and nail set up for your smoking preferences. Made of thick borosilicate glass, scientifically designed to endure massive usage and prevent cracking, the Incycler Bong with Honeycomb Perc ensures durability and longevity for your smoking enjoyment.

As you take a hit from this marvelous device, behold the sight of your smoke traveling along the tubes, recycled into the bong’s water reservoir. The smoke flows during the recycling process, passing through the numerous small holes of the honeycomb percolator, stimulating a filter effect that delivers an ultra-smooth smoking experience. Once the filtration process is complete, the smoke travels up the bong’s bent neck, providing a comfortable smoking sensation with an airtight flared mouthpiece specially designed for your convenience. The complex engineering of this piece also guarantees that you never suck up water or ash into your mouth, making every smoking experience safe and hygienic.

The Incycler Bong with Honeycomb Perc enhances every smoking party, providing a fascinating view of the recycling process the smoke goes through with every puff you take. The bong’s light and compact design make it easy to pack and travel with, ensuring that you never miss a smoking session while on the go. The easy-to-clean properties of the device make it ideal for daily use, while also providing an aesthetically pleasing addition to your smoking collection. Invest in the Incycler Bong with Honeycomb Perc and experience unmatched smoking satisfaction.

Specification Table

This table shows the main features of the Incycler Bong with Honeycomb Perc.

Size Joint Material Percolator type
10.5 inches 14mm female Thick Borosilicate glass Honeycomb

Why Choose the Incycler Bong with Honeycomb Perc?

The Incycler Bong with Honeycomb Perc is an impressive pipe that provides the ultimate smoking experience. Here’s why you need to make it your go-to smoking device:

The Durability

This bong is made from thick borosilicate glass that can withstand heavy use without cracking easily. The scientifically designed material guarantees durability, ensuring that you’re investing in a long-lasting pipe.

The Filtration

You don’t want to miss out on the exceptional filter effect of the Incycler Bong. With the honeycomb percolator’s multiple holes, smoke undergoes multiple filtrations, giving you an unsurpassed smooth smoking experience.

The Versatility

The Incycler Bong’s 14mm female joint can be used with a bowl or a dome and nail combination, according to your smoking preferences. Whether for personal use, with friends, or while traveling, the bong fits your diverse smoking requirements.

The Safety

Say goodbye to experiencing water or ash in your mouth. The Incycler Bong comes with a bent neck and a flared mouthpiece, which delivers an airtight seal for safe smoking.

The Easy Maintainance

The bong’s lightweight and compact design make it easy to clean, ensuring long-lasting use with every smoking experience.

Make the choice of exquisite smoking experiences with the Incycler Bong with Honeycomb Perc. The bong is affordable, portable, aesthetically pleasing, versatile, and will give you smoking sessions like no other.

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