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borodirect matrix perc sidecar water pipe

The Matrix Perc Sidecar Water Pipe is the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Standing at 8.5 inches tall with an 18mm female joint, this masterpiece can be used with a bowl or a dome and nail for dabbing purposes. Its borosilicate glass construction promises durability and longevity that you can trust.

This bong utilizes a matrix percolator with its tiny slits to efficiently filter smoke and water. And with this percolator, harmful toxins and carcinogens are effectively removed from the smoke, yielding smoother and cleaner hits. The smoke is then purified and moves through the sidecar style neck which prevents unwanted water and ash from reaching your mouth. The neck also features a flared mouthpiece that provides an airtight seal for seamless smoking experience.

The wide round base of the bong ensures that it remains stable while smoking, keeping accidents at bay. Cleaning this bong is hassle-free, thanks to its clear glass material, so you can enjoy a fresh session anytime you want. The deep bowl that accompanies this bong allows you to load enough herb for a satisfying session in one go.

Designed for active smokers, this bong is portable but works best as a stationary piece at home. Unleash your smoking potential and treat yourself to the Matrix Perc Sidecar Water Pipe – the perfect piece for the modern smoker.

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