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borodirect mini dab rig with barrel perc

Experience the Purest and Smoothest Hits with Borodirect Mini Dab Rig

Gone are the days of struggling to combust essential oils and extracts because of the rise of dabbing. The use of scientifically designed dab rigs, such as Borodirect Mini Dab Rig, has made it possible to get one of the purest and smoothest hits of essential oils and extract-based smoke products like never before.

The Borodirect Mini Dab Rig stands at just 8 inches tall, but it is made of transparent laboratory-grade borosilicate glass, recognized as the world’s strongest and heat-resistant glass. It is not only a highly functional device but also a stunningly beautiful one that anyone would be proud to show off to their friends.

One of the remarkable features of this rig is the barrel perc and a two-chamber design, allowing for an incredible degree of filtration and cooling. Smoking experience with this rig is shockingly smooth, similar to pure vaping. It preserves the flavor of the oils or extracts to an impressive extent, and dabbing with this rig never suffers potential loss of potency. One or two hits from this water pipe will do the job, unlike using a bong with traditional smoke products.

This Mini Dab Rig can also be utilized for the traditional smoke products. The barrel perc on this rig is strong enough to be used for combustion, even with the shorter stance and neck.

In conclusion, Borodirect Mini Dab Rig is a beautiful and incredibly effective rig that you won’t regret owning. With the Borodirect Mini Dab Rig, experience the purest and smoothest smoking experience with both traditional smoke and extract-based smoke products.

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