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borodirect quartz dropdown banger nail

Protect Your Dab Rig with Borodirect’s Quartz Dropdown Banger Nail

If you’re a dab rig user, you know the importance of protecting your piece from damage caused by exposure to heat from your torch. Standard banger nails only provide minimal clearance, which could be problematic for certain rigs. However, Borodirect has the perfect solution for this issue – the Quartz Dropdown Banger Nail.

What sets this banger nail apart is its unique feature of removing the quartz dish from the joint by over 5 inches. Thanks to its sloped neck, the quartz dish drops down below the joint when placed on a flat surface. This creates significant space between the torch and the rig, providing extra protection against heat damage. The quartz dish measures 1 inch in diameter, making it suitable for most dab sizes.

Whether your rig has a male or female joint measuring 14mm or 18mm, Borodirect has got you covered. It’s crucial to select the right version for your piece to get the optimal protection. By incorporating this dropdown banger into your setup, you’ll need less heat to heat up the dish, resulting in smoother hits and richer flavor from the vapor. Don’t wait – upgrade your dab rig with Borodirect’s Quartz Dropdown Banger Nail today.

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