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borodirect raked burnt orange fumed beaker bong

Experience the ultimate smoking pleasure with the Raked Burnt Orange Fumed Beaker Bong. Measuring 9 inches tall, this bong promises larger-than-life hits while flaunting a stunning design that is sure to impress all. The durable 45-degree grommet style joint allows you to use other 45-degree accessories easily. A pinch bowl slide comes with it, making it a complete set. What聮s more, the use of high-quality fumed borosilicate glass renders it strong, reliable, and long-lasting.

With its eye-catching design, this beaker bong is a must-have for smokers who love exhibiting their collection. The enchanting design is crafted using flumed glass, a glass-making technique that involves heating silver or gold with glass. As the metals reach high temperatures, they release gases that stick to the glass, resulting in a colorful and intricate design that your friends will envy.

The beaker base of this bong has a round shape, which not only contributes to its visual appeal but also eases the cleaning process. What聮s more, the wider base prevents the bong from tipping over accidentally while in use. The flared mouthpiece at the top of the beaker tube creates an airtight seal while you inhale, allowing you to enjoy bigger rips. The bowl that comes with this piece is deep enough to pack a large amount of herb and enjoy longer sessions.

Don聮t miss out on the opportunity to experience the best with the Raked Burnt Orange Fumed Beaker Bong. Its size makes it perfect to pass around among your fellow smokers, and the awe-inspiring design makes it great for display. Get ready to make a statement with this must-have smoking accessory.

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