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borodirect root beer mug bong

Root Beer Mug Bong from Borodirect: The Must-Have for Any Glass Pipe Collection

Glass pipes can be both artisanal and functional, and it聮s not unusual for collectors to go all out to acquire the most artful of them all. Are you one such purveyor of top-quality artistic pieces? Then you should certainly check out Borodirect聮s Root Beer Mug Bong. Standing at just 5 inches tall, the piece is small enough to be discreetly carried around, but it produces large clouds of smoke with ease.

The mouthpiece of this bong is concealed by the froth at the top of the glass mug, and the 14mm female joint ends with a diffuser that聮s located inside the body of the mug at a 90-degree angle. The diffuser allows the smoke to reach an ideal temperature while also filtering out ash and other impurities. Every part of the mug is colored correctly, with the suds featuring a white color that resembles foam, while the mug itself has a transparent amber hue, much like a real mug of root beer.

This bong may be small, but it packs a punch that is true to the original dry herbal material聮s flavor. While a real root beer mug delivers a smooth, refreshing drink, the Root Beer Mug Bong creates perfectly cooled smoke that聮s true to its herbal roots. The piece is made entirely out of glass, making it easy to clean using hot water and chemical cleaners to keep it looking its best. No collection of artistic glass pipes is complete without this bong.

The Benefits of the Root Beer Mug Bong

Small Size, Big Clouds: The 5-inch height of the Root Beer Mug Bong makes it a discreet and portable piece that can create big clouds of smoke with ease.

Perfect Temperature, Purified Smoke: Thanks to the diffuser located in the body of the mug at a 90-degree angle, the smoke produced by this bong reaches an ideal temperature while also being filtered of ash and other impurities.

Artistic Design, True-to-Form Colors: The Root Beer Mug Bong is a beautifully crafted piece of art that features true-to-form colors, with white suds and a transparent amber-hued mug.

True-to-the-Flavors Taste: The bong produces smoke with a flavor that is true to the herbal material, creating a satisfying and refreshing experience that聮s second to none.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: Approximately 5聰

Joint: 14mm female

Downstem: diffuser 90-degree joint

Color: Amber Mug with White Sudds

Material: Glass

Manufacturer: Borodirect

Cleaning the Root Beer Mug Bong

To keep your Root Beer Mug Bong in pristine condition, it聮s best to clean it after each use. Since the piece is made entirely out of glass, you can use hot water with a chemical cleaner to restore the bong to its original condition. Simply fill the bong with your preferred cleaning solution and let it sit for a few minutes. Use a brush or a pipe cleaner to scrub away any visible impurities, and rinse the bong with hot water. Dry with a lint-free towel and enjoy your beautifully clean piece.

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