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borodirect sandblasted stemline perc rig with sidecar mouthpiece

Experience the Ultimate Smoking Session with the Sandblasted Stemline Perc Rig with Sidecar Mouthpiece

If you’re searching for a smoking rig that guarantees a satisfying session every time, look no further than the Sandblasted Stemline Perc Rig with Sidecar Mouthpiece. At 7 inches tall, this rig features a sandblasted design with a unique hexagon pattern that’s sure to turn heads.

But it’s not just the stunning appearance of this rig that catches the eye – it’s also the impressive percolation system. The streamline percolator works tirelessly to force your smoke through a filtration process that results in an incredibly clean and smooth hit. The inline perc effectively removes ash, toxins, and carcinogens by pushing smoke through a series of holes and slits.

But that’s not all – the angled side car mouthpiece design also acts as a splashguard, ensuring you never have to worry about getting water in your mouth. The flared mouthpiece is comfortable to use and creates a perfect, smoke-trapping seal.

Crafted from clear borosilicate glass, this rig is not only visually appealing, but also highly durable and resistant to breakage. The round base adds to the rig’s stability, ensuring it stays securely in place on any surface.

But what truly makes this rig special is its versatility. Its convenient size and durability make it easy to transport, making it the ideal piece for both personal daily use and sharing with friends at social gatherings.

Don’t settle for a subpar smoking experience – upgrade to the Sandblasted Stemline Perc Rig with Sidecar Mouthpiece and enjoy a session like never before.

Technical Specifications

Sandblasted Stemline Perc Rig with Sidecar Mouthpiece
Height 7 inches
Joint 10mm male
Dome 10mm frosted female
Percolator Streamline

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