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Borodirect Slide With Color Accents

Experience a new level of smoking with Borodirect’s beautifully designed slide with color accents. Unlike traditional bowls or pipes, this slender piece of clear glass features spirals of vibrant colors on its bowl, available in red, blue, and green. Though this slide is not intended for heavy usage or high heat, it serves as a great replacement, especially if you are looking to intensify your smoking experience.

With a pinched handle, the Borodirect slide is user-friendly, allowing you to easily hold and light up the bowl. Its straight design enables the smoke to travel quickly and smoothly from the product you’re smoking. Measuring at approximately three inches long, you can conveniently carry it with you anywhere- be it in your pocket, bag, or in the car.

To enhance your experience, Borodirect offers a variety of accessories to use with the slide, including an herb grinder to spice things up, a key clip, and a pipe case for storage. But what makes this slide stand out is its vivid and delicately painted color. Truly, it is an excellent choice for those who would love a pocket-sized, yet stylish slide for occasional use.

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