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The Stack Vapor Rig: A Revolution in Smoking Experience

Looking for a smoking device that can provide you with the smoothest and most enjoyable smoking experience? Then look no further than the Stack Vapor Rig! Designed with multiple chambers made from high-quality borosilicate glass, this piece guarantees a longer lifespan, and unbeatable performance.

At 11 inches tall, the Stack Vapor Rig features a 14 mm male joint, making it compatible with either a dome and nail or a bowl. The best part? This smoking rig cleans smoke as you inhale, eliminating resin and ash from the smoke, making for a pure and sensational hit that surpasses others.

When using the Stack Vapor Rig, smoke follows the 90-degree joint, entering the base chamber of the bong. As it travels through the multiple chambers, the smoke is cleansed of unwanted impurities and recycles back to the bottom to restart the cycle; this unique three-chamber system guarantees that every rip is an event in itself.

With its bent neck feature, the Stack Vapor Rig ensures that water and ash won’t reach your mouth. It also comes with a flared mouthpiece that creates an airtight seal to prevent any unwanted leakage. This exceptional piece boasts a wide round base, making it ideal for different surfaces and secure when in use, delivering a comfortable and enjoyable smoking experience.

“The Stack” Vapor Rig is perfect for those who love to take dabs all day. The flawless smoking produced by this bong ensures your lungs won’t be put through the ringer. What’s more, it is easy to clean and maintain, so you can avoid nasty resin build-up and waste no time in between vaping sessions. Invest in the Stack Vapor Rig, and take your smoking experience to the next level.



Height 11 Inches
Joint Size 14mm Male Joint
Compatibility Dom&Nail or Bowl
Chambers Multiple Chambers
Material Borosilicate Glass

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