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borodirect thermal banger nail

A Thrilling Experience: The Revolutionary Thermal Banger Nail by Borodirect

Looking for an electrifying experience while vaping? If you are, a banger nail would be the accessory you require. However, not all banger nails are created the same in the continuously developing world of vaporizing technology and glass working techniques. Allow us to introduce the latest and most versatile addition to the banger nail family, the Thermal Banger Nail by Borodirect.

You may ask, 聯What makes this banger nail unique?聰 The answer lies in its unique design of the dish. You聮ll undoubtedly observe that the dish of this banger nail is oddly shaped, and that聮s where the emphasis lies. It has an inset design that segregates the internal bowl, where the vaporization takes place, from the joint that connects to the rig’s body. Coupled with the use of a carb cap, it’s almost unfeasible for any oil or concentrate material to enter the joint without getting vaporized first! Furthermore, splashes and wastage will become things of the past when using this stellar banger nail.

To cater to as many glass-on-glass rigs as possible, this nail is compatible with 14mm and 18mm joint sizes and available as both male and female joints. The quartz used in the dish is exceptionally thick, yet the design allows you not to have to heat the dish entirely, especially when coupled with a carb cap.

In conclusion, elevate your vape experience instantly with this superb quality thermal banger nail.

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