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borodirect tornado cyclone water pipe w turbine perc

Experience an incredible swirling sensation with the Tornado Cyclone Water Pipe with Turbine Perc. This mesmerizing and delightful piece stands tall at 12 inches with a 14mm female joint perfectly positioned using a Dewar聮s joint. Crafted from scientifically engineered borosilicate glass, this durable bong is designed for longevity.

The turbine disc percolator is responsible for the stunning tornado effect that also serves to purify the smoke. The smoke twists and turns through the percolator, ensuring maximum filtration as it funnels through multiple times. A straight neck and flared mouthpiece create an airtight seal for every inhale, sending the smoke spiraling towards the heavens.

The impeccable design of the wide saucer base ensures that the bong remains stable on any surface. Say goodbye to pesky resin buildup thanks to the easy-to-clean straight neck feature.

Hosting a party? The Tornado Cyclone Water Pipe with Turbine Perc is perfect for entertaining guests. The swirling smoke is sure to captivate and the smooth rips will leave them blissful. Embrace the powerful, euphoric experience of the Tornado Cyclone Water Pipe with Turbine Perc.

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